Administrative Law


Name: Christos Theodorou, DEA


Rokas Law Firm maintains an expert team of lawyers, which handles legal issues faced by our clients in their relationship with the State, public Authorities, municipalities and agencies. Financial sector enterprises and other non-financial business units have to adhere to numerous state supervisory rules and requirements. Greek law includes a remarkably great number of provisions on administrative sanctions and penalties in case of a breach of supervisory rules which could severely damage the company. Our team has a long expertise in defending clients against the imposition of such sanctions and penalties.

We possess deep knowledge on both the competent sector’s business unit and the public law procedure rules and we, hence, advise proactively on our clients’ business planning, in order for them to avoid pitfalls and help them manage political and policy challenges. We keep our clients up to date as to the increasing number of changes in the administrative rules governing the real estate sector for those looking to ensure the legality of their actions. We have successfully represented clients before the Supreme and other administrative courts, against acts and decisions of the State and its agencies, as well as on State aid admin issues.

 We represent major clients in infrastructure public contracts with the Hellenic Court of Audit.