Insolvency & Restructuring


Name: Nick Boutsikos, LL.M.


Name: Alexis Foskinis, Maîtrise


The Rokas Law Firm insolvency and restructuring team has dealt with a significant number of domestic and cross-border insolvency and restructuring assignments in various sectors, including the insurance industry and has acquired considerable expertise in the provision of respective pragmatic and tailor-made legal solutions.

Within this framework, we act as counsel to undertakings entering an insolvency, or restructuring,or reorganization phase and handles the relevant litigation and negotiation.

We provide strategic advice to corporate debtors and creditors, financial institutions, insurers, insolvency practitioners, etc., on various issues arising from the insolvency and restructuring context, related to multi-dimensional implications of insolvency proceedings, debt collection, drafting of contingency plans, acquisitions and divestitures of distressed entities.

We, also, represent corporate clients in legal actions against insolvent entities, in a variety of cases involving debt collection, collaterals, asset recovery, enforcement of securities, trials against debtors or negotiations for conciliating with debtors, employer and employee rights and obligations, etc.

We handle matters in liquidation procedures, including special insurance liquidation, and we represent clients in clearing assets from mortgages and seizures and defend creditors’ privileges over other creditors.

Our insolvency and restructuring team is committed to providing business-oriented and multi-disciplinary legal services of high quality and reflects as such the philosophy of the firm itself.

Recent matters:

  • Swiss Pharmaceutical Company: Litigation for the recovery of receivables from customers that were under bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings. Services also included the provision of support to the company (litigation and consulting) regarding the collection of receivables from legal entities controlled by the Greek state, as well as the procedure for the payment of the relevant debts after their restructuring both in terms of the amount of payment and the method of payment, under special legislative provisions.
  • Private Life Insurance Guarantee Fund: Legal support to  the Fund in a series of court proceedings concerning claims of insureds of an insurance group under insurance liquidation.
  • Assisting an NPL fund to list the legal status of red loans,  including collateral, to be assessed by the fund so that it can define its strategy.