Competition – Mergers & Acquisitions


Name: Alkistis Marina Christofilou, LL.M.


Name: Christos Theodorou, DEA


The firm has developed substantial experience and expertise in competition law cases and M&As. Rokas Law Firm’s experience covers both court litigation and administrative proceedings before the Hellenic Competition Commission, as well as the provision of legal consulting services in connection to various antitrust-related issues emerging at the stage of preparation of commercial and business contracts and schemes as well as during the progress of their work.

The firm’s practice includes the handling of numerous complaints with an impressive success rate, representing either the complainant or the person targeted as defendant. Our State Aid practice includes both advising clients on the existence and the legality of state aid schemes and representation before the competent Courts, a prominent example of which is the successful representation of a major client resulting in the rejection by the Supreme Administrative Court of a €45 mio compound interest claimed by the State (in a first-ever litigation tackling said legal issue).

Advice is frequently provided to various multinational and Greek firms on the compatibility of their business strategies with Greek and EU competition law, including advice on contemplated rebate schemes, distribution strategies, et. al. Our competition team maintains close ties and cooperates with European and international lawyers in Brussels in order to provide its clients with optimum services in any issues at a European level.

Rokas Law Firm also works closely with its broad clientele on designing, implementing and clearing M&As, SPAs and related legal due diligence in various fields and markets, including regulated ones. Due to our in depth knowledge of the sector and our commercially-minded approach, we are able to effectively advise acquiring companies on a suitable structure and business model for the company which will emerge after the takeover. We have conducted a large number of M&As in the following sectors: RES, electricity grids, electricity supply, credit institutions in SEE, inscos (including corporate transformations of international inscos, cross-border transactions, etc.).

The members of our firm are being constantly active in publishing articles and addressing speeches and comments in international conferences regarding various contemporary issues on EU and national competition law. We are also a proud co-editor of the prominent Greek legal journal «Commercial Law Review» [est. 1950], which partly contains articles and notes concerning competition law issues.