Name: Christos Theodorou, DEA


Name: Alexis Foskinis, Maîtrise


Taxation is amongst the most significant, yet frequently the most complex and ever changing areas affecting business and individuals, particularly those establishing a presence or doing business in Greece or in the EU, or those acquiring assets in Greece.

We follow closely the rapid tax developments in relation to investments and business in Greece (including changes in the tax laws, regulations and case-law) and provide our clients with personal advice on a regular basis. We communicate with the competent authorities daily and we act with outmost caution so as to keep our clients satisfied.

Our firm advises on the most tax efficient way to structure or reorganise businesses, whether in Greece or elsewhere in Central and SE Europe. We provide pragmatic and yet innovative solutions, for both businesses and high net worth individuals (HNWIs), on a wide spectrum of tax issues such as advice on international tax planning including EU taxation issues and advice on double taxation issues. Throughout the years we have acquired valuable expertise in consultancy regarding compliance with Greek, EU and OECD transfer pricing rules and transfer pricing dispute resolution; international tax dispute resolution (MAPs, APAs, EU Arbitration Convention) and domestic litigation; strategic (international) tax planning; tax compliance and governance. Expert advice on timely tax planning regarding VAT can also reduce costs. Other tax issues are also addressed in the context of limited partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and project financing transactions including private clients