Energy News – 62nd Issue

Energy News – 62nd Issue

EU and EnC
ƒCEER Publishes Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks

ƒACER Issues Methodologies for Capacities in Intraday and DAH Electricity Markets

Competition & State Aid
ƒAgitation among the Big Energy Companies in Germany
ƒFrench Schemes for Floating Offshore Wind Farms
Approved (cases SA.49672, SA.49673, SA.49674 and SA.52085)
ƒIn-depth Investigation into British Capacity Market Scheme (SA.35980)
ƒState Aid for Support of Biomass-operated Generators
Close to Forests Approved (SA. 48881)
ƒApproval of Investment Aid to LG Chem’s Electric Vehicles
Batteries Plant (SA.47662)

Energy Efficiency
ƒReferral of Czechia and Slovenia for Incorrect Transposition of Directive 2010/31/EU

ƒRelaunched PPC Lignite Units Tender
ƒRegulation on Operation of DAH and IDA Electricity Market
ƒApproval of the Balancing Market Code
ƒProvision of Last Resort Electricity Supply Services

Oil & Gas
ƒDEPA Unbundling
ƒPreventive Actions Plan for Ensuring Gas Supply in Emergency
ƒRAE Decisions no 1211/2018 and 1287/2018 on the Security of Gas Supply
ƒEstablishment of the Hellenic Agency for Geologic and Metallurgic Research
ƒTAP’s Application for an Independent LNG Management License
ƒInstallation License of the Greek-Bulgarian Gas Pipeline (IGB)

ƒFirst Joint Wind and Solar competitive Tender Procedures in April/May 2019
ƒLaw 4602/2019 on Geothermal Energy
ƒAmendments to the RES Support Scheme

Energy Efficiency
ƒLaw n. 4602/2019 on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

ƒAmendments to Enhance Cost-effective Emission
Reductions and Low-carbon Investments

ƒEstablishment of a Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management Code
ƒApproval of the Electricity Market Monitoring Code

Competition & State Aid
ƒEnC: Tuzla 7 Guarantee on Approved against EnC Advice
ƒAmendments to RES Law

Iinitiation of the Trilateral Market Coupling Project between Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria
ƒLaunch of the Procedure for a Strategic Investor for “Belene” NPP Project
Competition & State Aid
Fine to BEH Group for Blocking Access to Key Natural Gas Infrastructure in Bulgaria

Competition & State Aid
ƒInfringement Proceedings regarding Energy Efficiency in Buildings
ƒInvestigation against a Gas Distributor Suspected of Abuse of Dominance (Delgaz Grid)

Oil & Gas
Secretariat Issues Opinion regarding Gastrans Pipeline Project Requesting Additional Conditions
ƒResolution on TPA Exemption of New Natural Gas Interconnector

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