Energy Newsflash – Romania adopts offshore wind energy law

Energy Newsflash,  84th Issue SouthEast Europe-Romania adopts offshore wind energy law


1. Editor’s note
2. The enactment of reforms in guarantees of origin international trade regime in Bulgaria
3. Romania adopts offshore wind energy law to get first megawatts in 2032
4. Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in Serbia
5. 300 MW Hybrid Photovoltaic Auction Opens in Albania

Dear Readers,
Welcome to this edition of Rokas Energy Newsflash, where we bring you pivotal developments in the Southeast European energy landscape. This issue highlights significant strides in energy reforms and renewable energy projects across the region, underscoring the collective movement towards sustainable energy solutions.
Bulgaria has enacted reforms in its guarantees of origin international trade regime. This move aims to enhance the transparency and efficiency of tracking renewable energy production and consumption. By aligning with EU standards, Bulgaria seeks to bolster its renewable energy market and foster international trade in green energy certificates.
In Romania, a landmark offshore wind energy law has been adopted. This legislation paves the way for the country’s first offshore wind megawatts by 2032, marking a significant milestone in Romania’s renewable energy journey. The law outlines regulatory frameworks and incentives designed to attract investment and accelerate the development of offshore wind projects, positioning Romania as a future leader in wind energy.
Serbia is taking proactive steps with the implementation of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). This mechanism is part of the EU’s broader climate strategy and aims to prevent carbon leakage by levying a carbon price on imports of certain goods. Serbia’s alignment with CBAM signifies its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and integrating into the EU’s green economy.
Lastly, Albania has opened a 300 MW hybrid photovoltaic auction. This initiative represents a major push towards increasing the country’s renewable energy capacity. These topics illustrate the dynamic and rapidly evolving energy sector in Southeast Europe. We hope this edition provides valuable insights and fosters informed discussions on the region’s energy future.

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