Professor Dr. Dr. Konstantinos Christodoulou

Phone (+30) 210 3616816

practice areas

  • Contract Law
  • Data Protection, Internet & Privacy
  • Dispute Resolution & ADR
  • Environmental Law
  • IP Law – Copyright Law
  • Public projects


  • Greek
  • English
  • German


Born in Athens (1962).

Ordinary Professor in Civil Law at the University of Athens (since 2016).

Barrister and solicitor of ERGA OSE SA (state company managing the projects, jointly financed by the EU, of the investment programme of the Hellenic Railways Organisation); ex-solicitor of the ASYK SA company (the first Greek company providing services in certifying electronic signatures).

Responsible for the teaching of practising lawyers at the Athens Bar Association (1997-2007).

Prof. Christodoulou studied, carried out research, and took part in seminars at the following universities: Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich (Institute of Private and Civil Law of Prof. C.-W. Canaris), Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Frankfurt, and Max Planck Institut für Geistiges Eigentum, Wettbewerbs- und Steurrecht [today: für Innovation und Wettbewerb]. He has taken part in and delivered papers at a large number of conferences, both Greek and international.

Highlights of cases: ERGOSE (Olympic projects, capital controls of financing public projects, European Court of Justice C-199 2007 [Greece vs Commission] etc.); Ionia Odos; Mega channel’s copyright property; Generali Hellas vs EFG; Skaramagka shipyards (labour cases) ao.


Athensmatriculated and studied at the Department of Law of the Law Faculty of Athens University; top scholarship of the National Scholarship Foundation in each year of his studies; graduated with first-class honours. First Special Postgraduate Scholarship in the 1st Private Law Section of the Department of Law of the Athens University Law School. Unanimously first-class doctor’s degree in Law by the University of Athens (thesis on Pecuniary Obligation’s Doctrine). First State Scholarship Foundation scholarship for post-doctoral research in Civil Law.


Member of legislative drafting committees, mainly working on the adaptation of Greek legislation to Community Directives, e.g. on electronic signatures (Dir. 1999/93), electronic commerce (Dir. 2000/31), public projects and contracts (Dir. 1992/13). Examiner in the examinations of the Council for the Selection of Personnel (2002-2003). National delegate to stakeholders’ network of the European Union on the creation of a Common Frame of Reference in the field of Contract Law. Unanimously first-class doctor’s degree in Philosophy by the University of Athens (2010, thesis on applied ethics). Ex-alternate (2011-2013), ordinary (2013-2019) Member of the Greek Data Protection Authority. Ex-Alternate member of the National Human Rights Commission. Ex-Special member of the National Committee on Geo-information.

Member of the Advisory Board of the Society for European Contract Law (SECOLA).


I. Indicative Monographs

  • ‘Pecuniary obligation in view of the euro regulations’ (doctoral thesis), 1998.
  • ‘Protection of personality and of freedom of contract in public sector networks. Personal data and competition in energy, communications and transfers’, 2007.
  • ‘Error, fraud, threat: – Contract voidability grounds, 2016.

II. Course books

  • Copyright Law (2018), introduction by L. Kotsiris.
  • ‘Cyber Law’, 1st ed., 2008, 2nd ed., 2013.
  • ‘Law of Personal Data’ (with introduction by M. Stathopoulos), 1st ed. 2013, 2nd ed. 2020.

III. Indicative Publications

  • ‘Issues of ‘Pure Economic Loss’ in Greek Law’, contribution to the collection of papers Pure Economic Loss in Europe of the international standing conference on European Private Law at Trento (The Common Core of European Private Law – The Trento Project), ed. M. Bussani, V.V. Palmer, publ. Cambridge University Press, 2003.
  • ‘Problems of the protection of the stock market investor from the doctrinal viewpoint of civil law’, in the volume of the 9th conference of the Hellenic Commercial Law Association, publ. 2000.
  • ‘Substantive and procedural law particularities of the status of electronic networks’, D 2004, 417 – 450.
  • ‘Consent to the elaboration of personal data’, DiMEE 2005, 357 et seq. – Birthday of Apostolos Georgiadis I, pp. 971 et seq.
  • ‘Tax law restrictions on the freedom of contracts’, DEE 2005, 800 et seq.
  • ‘Mediation in private disputes’, NoB 2010, 287 – 310.
  • ‘European Law of Contracts – the Green Book wonders what CFR means’, EfAD 2011/1, 3 -17.
  • ‘Sound recording by one parent of complaints by the child of immoral actions by the other’ (opinion), EfAD 2012, 666 – 671.
  • ‘The fate of the insurance compensation for a traffic accident in the event of the succession in inheritance of the perpetrator by the victim’, EfAD 2014, 660 – 667.
  • ‘Thoughts on international arbitration on public projects – the case of multinational joint venture contractors with main residence in Greece’, EfAD 2014, 660 – 667.
  • ‘Prescription of claims in leasing contracts’ in P. Papanikolaou (ed.), Issues in the Law of Prescription, 2016, pp. 369 – 376.
  • ‘Prescription of claims in construction contracts’ in P. Papanikolaou (ed.), Issues in the Law of Prescription, 2016, pp. 377 – 392.