Global research project on access to water for irrigation use

Global Research Project on access to water for irrigation use

Rokas’ environmental resources’ law team provided legal assistance to a major global institution (World Bank) with a global project relating to access to water with an irrigation use focus. In this context, various aspects of the use of water for irrigation have been explored and tackled upon exploration of relevant Greek legal regime, such as water resources’ management (including a reference to the operation of any established river/lake basin institutions) and planning (including a reference to the existence of a national water plan, and the creation of management plans for individual river / lake basins), the development of any available water information systems (including the establishment of the National Network for Monitoring of surface and ground water, and the National Registry of Abstraction / Water Points), the conditions for the issuance, renewal and transfer of licenses for water use, the calculation of any water abstraction charges applicable in the relevant context (and any tendencies in this regard), the enforcement of obligations arising out of the relevant legal regime, as well as the operation of Water User Organizations.

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