“Maritime Law” by Professor Dr. I. Rokas and Dr. G. Theocharidis

Updated edition of “Maritime Law” published by Professor Dr. I. Rokas and Dr. G. Theocharidis

The new and updated edition of “Maritime Law” by Professor Dr. I. Rokas (author of the first edition) and Dr. G. Theocharidis, Associate Professor – The World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, has now been published.

The book covers concisely, with a particularly comprehensive approach, the legal framework developments of Greek Private Maritime Law. Although such developments might not have been as rapid in the decade since its first edition, given that the core of its rule touches only indirectly the financial sector, consumer and environmental protection matters – areas that are currently evolving with amazing speed -, they do however justify the publication of this edition. The latter has a completely renewed perspective, taking into account the wide ranging prospective need for referring to Greek Maritime Law, due to the country’s maritime industry being a global powerhouse that dominates the world’s oceans.

The book includes an article-by-article interpretation of the Hague-Visby Rules, aiming to incorporate into the Greek legal order the Anglo-Saxon originating regulatory grid, having taken into account its Greek legal interpretation from 1993 onwards.

The study concludes with a concise outline of the joint damage control institutions and the maritime assistance and rescue.

The edition’s concise approach enables it being addressed both to practitioners and academics interested in Maritime Law, as well as to the Greek judge who “deals” with maritime disputes.

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