October 18, 2022
“Comply or explain”: The EU method of imposing [legislative] requirements “voluntarily” – “Both a blessing and a curse” (A study by Ioanna Tolia, Associate, published in the European Law Magazine by NB, issue 4/2021)  «Comply or explain»: Η ενωσιακή μέθοδος επιβολής [νομοθετικών] απαιτήσεων «οικειοθελώς» – «Ευχή ή κατάρα;» Η αρχή «comply or explain» ως ρυθμιστικός...
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New law clarifies legal framework for electricity storage (Article by Dr. Maria Ioannou, Senior Associate, published in the Energy & Natural Resources Newsletter of the ILO on October 17, 2022) Introduction The provisions on electricity storage set forth in the new law on renewable energy source (RES) licensing procedures(1) aim to provide, for the first...
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