AKTINA I & AKTINA II “Distribution of  Insurance Products”


AKTINA I & AKTINA II e-learning seminars “Distribution of  Insurance Products”
We are pleased to announce that the certification of Rokas’ e-learning seminars ΑΚΤΙΝΑ Ι & ΑΚΤΙΝΑ ΙΙ on the Distribution of  Insurance Products has been renewed for 2023 by the Bank of Greece (Executive Committee Act (ΠΕΕ) No. 215/03.02.2023).
What are the Benefits the participants can expect from the seminars?
  • Complete the mandatory continuous education and relevant certification obligations for Insurance Distributors in 2023.
  • Knowledge – experience and education by an experts team
  • Comprehensive outline of the regulatory regime with practical lists and examples
  • Better understanding of the regulatory obligations in the distribution of insurance products and services, the aims of the regulation, and efficient ways to ensure compliance while at the same time providing better services to clients.
The seminars have been prepared by the Insurance law expert team of Rokas Law Firm. Compact SA provides the electronic and technological configuration and e-learning platform.
The ΑΚΤΙΝΑ seminars cover topics of Sector Β’ of the Executive Committee Act (ΠΕΕ) 169/29.04.2020 and the respective annual continuous training obligations under L.4583/2018 of certified (re)insurance intermediaries, as well as insurance companies’ officers & employees directly involved in insurance distribution activities.

These two Seminars are aimed at:

  •     to all certified (re)insurance intermediaries,
  •     to executives/employees of insurance companies and credit institutions that are directly involved in the distribution of (re)insurance products who are subject to continuous training, in order to maintain sufficient professionals of professional competence and performance, or to maintain their registration as (re)insurance intermediaries in the special register, or to continue the legal exercise of the distribution activity in terms of (re)insurance products and credit institutions.

In case you wish to attend the e-learning seminars, you may contact  Georgia Konstantinidou tel 210-3616816.

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