Energy News – 14th Issue

Energy News – 14th Issue

Energy Markets

EU: Problem of High Energy Prices Addressed in Different Papers both by the European Commission and the Council
Bulgaria: Commission for Protection of Competition Initiates
Proceedings against the three Main Electricity Distribution Companies


EU: Decision Annulling Commission’s Decision on PPC’s Lignite
Exploration Rights Was Repealed by the Court – New Law for Creation of Small PPC Issued
Greece: Commission Approves Planned Financial Aid to Energy- Intensive Industry Suffering Increased Costs Due to Emission Rights
FYR of Macedonia: New Electricity Supply Code under Way
Croatia: Decision on the Tariff Rates for the Services of the Electricity Supplier of Last Resort

Oil & Gas

Poland: Amendment Voted Introducing a Single Hydrocarbons Licence
Romania: Urgency Enactment Amending Law 238/2004 on Petroleum


EU: CJEU Approves Attribution of Green Certificates Only to Local
EU: European Commission Approves Czech RES Scheme
Greece: Supreme Administrative Court Rejects Appeal against the
Special Levy Imposed on RES Producers
Croatia: Amendment to the Ordinance on Acquiring the Status of a
Privileged Electricity Producer

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

EU: ENTSO-E’s Issuance of the European Ten-Year Network
Development Plan 2014
Serbia: Draft Distribution Network Code for Natural Gas Presented for
Public Consultation
Bulgaria-Greece: Second Bidding Phase Opened for Allocation of Capacity on the IGB Interconnector

Nuclear Energy

EU: Council Adopts Amendment of Directive 2009/71/Euratom
Establishing a Community Framework for the Nuclear Safety of Nuclear Installations

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