Energy News – 13th Issue-hydrocarbon exploration

Energy News – 13th Issue-hydrocarbon exploration

Energy Markets

EU: State Aid in the Energy Infrastructure Sector under the New General Block Exemption Regulation
EU: Commission Proposes Measures within the Context of an EU Energy Security Strategy
Greece: Competition Commission Adopts Decision on the Procedure for Accepting Commitments by Undertakings
Energy Community: Electricity Forum Conclusions and Recommendations
Serbia: Step Forward to Establishing Regional Electricity Stock Exchange


Greece: RAE Publishes Results of the Public Consultation regarding the Auction Based Electricity Market Reform

Oil & Gas

EU: ENTSOG Launches Consultation on the Initial Draft Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas (TAR NC)
Greece: The Greek Ministry Gives Advance Notice on Forthcoming Tenders for Hydrocarbon Exploration Concessions in Several Areas
EU-Bulgaria: The European Court Dismissed Action of the Commission against Bulgaria for not Providing Virtual Reverse Flow Transmission Capacity


Greece: RAE Invites Interested Parties to Update their Pending Applications for Production Licences for Photovoltaic Plants
Romania: New Draft Amendment Submitted to the Parliament on the Law 220/2008 Related to the System of Promotion of Energy Produced from Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

BiH: Draft Decision Introducing an Advanced Ancillary Services Concept
Bulgaria-Greece: National Regulators Jointly Approve Guidelines for the Second Phase of the Market Test for Management and Allocation of Capacity on the IGB Interconnector
EU: ACER’s Recommendation for the Adoption of the Network Code on ,Forward Capacity Allocation for Electricity
EU: Regulation Establishes Eco-design Requirements for Power Transformers
EU: European Commission Released Report on the Smart Metering Deployment
Greece: Certification of the Greek Gas Transmission System Operator

Energy Efficiency

Croatia: Financing of Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Projects by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund


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