Energy News – Incumbent Gas Supplier

Energy News – 30th Issue-Revision of Commitments of the Incumbent Gas Supplier


EU: Commission Adopts First State of the Energy Union Report

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EU: Priority Lists for 2016 for Network Codes and Guidelines

EU: Energy Community Contracting Parties in EU Energy Statistics

EU: Commission Publishes Annual Progress Reports for SEE countries

EnC: Secretariat Submits Views on Review of Intergovernmental Agreements Decision

Croatia: Simplified Energy Licensing for EU and Energy Community Companies


Croatia: Market Operator Adopts Electricity Market Rules

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EU: Member States Approve Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation

EU: Electricity Balancing Network Code’s Cost Benefit Analysis

EU: General Guidelines for Improving Cooperation between TSOs and DSOs

EU: ACER Publishes 3rd Progress Electricity Regional Initiatives Report

EU: TSOs Approve Amended Proposal on Capacity Calculation Regions

Greece: Public Consultations of Greek Energy Regulator on Several Issues

Bulgaria: Tender for the Selection of a Monitoring Trustee for BEH

Romania: Settling Complaints against Network Operators

Serbia: Energy Agency Approves New Interconnection Code


EU: Implementation Status of Network Codes on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms and on Balancing


EU: Public Consultation on Preparation of New Renewable Energy Directive

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Energy Community: Study on the Progress of RES in the Contracting Parties

Greece: Energy Efficiency Law Introduces Amendments to the RES Legal Framework

Greece: Connection Requests to MV of PV Autoproducers via Net-Metering

Ukraine: Draft Law to Cancel Import Duty Exemption for RES Developers


EU: Commission Assesses Amended Romanian Green Certificates Scheme

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EU: Commission Decides on Danish State Aid Scheme for Energy-Intensive Users

Greece: Revision of Commitments of the Incumbent Gas Supplier


EU: Commission Adopts List of Projects of Common Interest

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EU: Six Regional Investment Plans for Inclusion in the TYNDP 2016

Greece: EIB Finances Upgrading of LNG Terminal


Greece: Parliament Enacts Energy Efficiency Law transposing Directive 2012/27/EU

other news:

EU: Commission Publishes Energy Efficiency Progress Report

EU: Eleven Member States Are Requested to Transpose the Energy Efficiency Directive

EU/Greece: Commission Refers Greece to CJEU regarding the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Ukraine: Government Approves Model Energy Performance Contract

Croatia: Ordinance on Energy Audits in Large Companies


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