Energy News – 3d Issue- electricity price in Greece

Energy News – 3d Issue- electricity price in Greece

Energy Markets

EU: MoU regarding implementation of REMIT concluded between ACER and NRAs


Greece: Reform of the electricity wholesale market
Greece: PPC privatisation – further steps
Greece: Developments in the electricity price in Greece

In order to cut down the deficit incurred by Greece’s market operator LAGIE, caused by the rapid integration of
RES technologies into the power system, the energy regulator RAE announced on 19 July 2013 a significant
increase in ETMEAR, the levy paid by consumers to finance RES. The new fee will now average €14.96/MWh
instead of previously €9.30/MWh (61% rise); mostly affected are the residential consumers who will consequently
have to pay €20,80/MWh instead of previously €9,53/MWh (approx. 120% rise), while the High Voltage industrial
consumers have been favored, with their fee being reduced to €1,78/MWh instead of previously €3,55/MWh.
Moreover, following a series of complaints of major industrial customers as well as of related decisions of RAE, the
Greek utility PPC announced on 2 August 2013 its intention to offer fifteen different new tariffs to its High and
Medium Voltage customers in the Electricity price in Greece – seven in the High Voltage (HV) and eight in the Medium Voltage (MV) -, in order for
the customers to select the most suitable tariff  depending on their own consumption profile. This announcement
was, however, not well received by the Greek industrialists, whose representative association, the Association of
Industrial Energy Consumers (EVIKEN), commented that the new tariffs only led to small reductions for the MV
consumers and to no reductions at all for the HV consumers. Among others, an issue, which is not dealt with in the
new tariffs and may lead under circumstances also to increases in the electricity pricing, regards the charges for
CO2 rights, which PPC passes through uniformly to all customers, while RAE has ruled – also in some recent
decisions issued in August 2013 (326/2013 and 365/2013), among others, imposing a daily fine of 5.000 € on PPC
for non compliance with former relevant decisions – that these charges have to be separately negotiated with the
customers, because they pertain to the competitive part of the electricity bills


Serbia: Standard model agreements with privileged electricity producers
Ukraine: Resolution of NERC on Determination of the Local Content Amount

Oil and Gas

Croatia: Law on Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons (Petrol and Natural Gas)

Energy Infrastructure

Greece, Cyprus and Israel sign MoU on cooperation in the energy sector


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