Energy News – 2nd Issue

Energy News – 2nd Issue

Some of them follow below


  • Backloading of carbon permits approved by the European Parliament

The European Parliament adopted on July 3 the amended proposal of the European Commission to withhold the
auction of 900 million emissions permits in the European Union’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) for the period
2013-2015 and reintroduce them later in the period 2019-2020 (“backloading”), in order to reduce an oversupply
and effect a raise in the prices in the EU’s carbon market. Following the rejection of an earlier version of the plan by
the Parliament in April, the Parliament’s Environment Committee introduced last month several compromise
amendments to the proposal of the Commission. In the finally approved version by the plenary only part of these
amendments was adopted, including, among others, the provision that this measure can only be adopted once,
while the amendment providing for the possibility to reintroduce the delayed allowances earlier than proposed
(2019-2020) was rejected. Although the vote of the Parliament must also be approved by the European Council for
the measure to pass, it already led to an immediate raise of the emission prices in the market. The decision of the
European Parliament was not well received in Greece, particularly by the energy intensive industry, whose
electricity costs will be negatively affected by a respective increase in the emission prices.

  • Fine imposed on the Greek utility for abuse of dominant position


  • Croatian oil and gas market opening – The Mining Law
  • EU Transparency Requirement for petrol, oil and mine extraction companies


  • Serbian government launches the RES National Action Plan with main strategic goals to be achieved until 2020
  • Calculation of Local Content for Renewable Energy Plants adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine


  • EU Regulation on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure


  • Harmonisation of the Greek environmental legislation with the Directive on industrial emissions

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