Energy News – 50th Issue

Energy News – 50th Issue

EnC: WB6 Monitoring Reports on Electricity and Sustainability

On 12 July 2017, the 2017 Western Balkan 6 (WB6) annual Summit was held in Trieste, Italy. The summit addressed
several areas of cooperation, in particular in the connectivity agenda, and in the regional integration process. Among other, WB6 committed to a set of regional and national reform measures, regarding the development of the electricity market in different timeframes, addressing the issues such as capacity allocation and calculation, spot markets and balancing markets. The Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) prepared for this Summit the Monitoring Report which provides an overview of the implementation of “connectivity reform measures” (so called “soft measures”) in transport and energy which were agreed at the 2015 Vienna Summit and 2016 Paris Summit, including the roadmap for establishing a well- functioning regional electricity market.


Serbia: Amendments to the RES Secondary Legislation

On 19 June 2017, the Government of the Republic of Serbia (“Government”) during its 57th session, adopted amendments to the RES secondary legislation as follows: (i) Decree on the amendment of the Decree on the Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA Decree”) which entered into a force on 01 July 2017; (ii) Decree on amending and supplementing the Decree on incentive measures for electricity generation from renewable sources and from high-efficient combined generation of power and heat (“RES Incentives Decree”) which entered into a force on 28 June 2017; and (iii) Decree on the amendment of the Decree on conditions and procedure for acquiring the status of
the privileged power producer, the temporary privileged power producer and the electricity producer from renewable energy sources (“PP Producer Decree”) which entered into a force on 28 June 2017.


Ukraine: Laws on Energy Performance of Buildings and on Commercial Metering of Utilities

On 22 June 2017, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law No. 2118-VIII on Energy Performance of Buildings, thus implementing certain provisions of Directive 2010/31/EU into the national legislation. Inter alia, the Law outlines particularities of the energy performance (EP) certification of buildings and inspection of central heating and conditioning systems, accreditation of energy auditors, as well as applicable energy efficiency measures and the mechanisms of their financing.

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