Public Consultation on the Draft Law on Energy Exchange

Energy News – 55th Issue-Public Consultation on the Draft Law on Energy Exchange

Greece: Public Consultation on the Draft Law on Energy Exchange
On 1 December 2017, the Ministry of Energy and Environment launched a public consultation regarding the Draft Energy Exchange Law. The Draft Law regulates the establishment of the Energy Exchange which will operate the Day-ahead and the Intraday Electricity Markets, the Energy Financial Market, the Market of Natural Gas
(including the Natural Gas Balancing Market) and the Environment Market…

Greece: Public Consultations on Six Electricity Codes
On 18 December 2017, the electricity market operator (LAGIE) launched a public consultation on the three codes, and other accompanying documents, in regard to the new markets to be established in compliance with the law 425/2016 (so called the Target Model Law). The three codes are: the Day-ahead Market Code, the Forward Market
Code, and the Intraday Market Code. On 19 December 2017, the electricity TSO ADMIE, launched a public consultation, phase A, of the Balancing Detailed Design and the Balancing Market Code. On 26 December 2017, the energy regulatory authority (RAE) launched a public consultation on the proposals of LAGIE and ADMIE to amend the Code on Electricity Transactions and the Code on Operation of the Transmission System, respectively…

Albania: Decisions Regarding Electricity Market
On 8 November 2017, the Energy Regulatory Entity (ERE) approved the Methodology of Calculating the Transmission Tariffs of the Electricity. On 10 November 2017 ERE approved the Regulation on the Standard Quality Criteria for Supply Service and Security Performance of the Electricity Distribution and the Methodology for Calculating the Tariffs of the Electricity Distribution System Operator. On 10 November 2017 ERE also adopted the Transmission Code. On 23 November 2017 ERE approved the Methodology for Determining of Tariffs for Electricity Sold to Customers Supplied by the Universal Service Provider and the Regulation on the determination of regulatory fees for licensees of the electricity sector. On 24 November 2017 ERE approved the Provisional Rules for the Electricity Balancing Mechanism…

EnC: Opinion of the Advisory Committee regarding the Case 18/16
On 28 November 2017, the Advisory Committee of the Energy Community (EnC) issued the Opinion regarding the case ESC 18/16 initiated against the Republic of Serbia in regard to the alleged non-compliance with the competition acquis. The matter in question relates to the agreement on supply of natural gas from Russia, which contains a
destination provision i.e. that the supplied gas is intended for the use exclusively on the Serbian gas market… The Secretariat of the EnC believes that this clause will inhibit Serbian buyers to re-export Russian gas to other parts of the EnC and, thus, that it contradicts the fundamental objectives of the market integration contained in the Treaty…

Albania: Decisions Regarding the Natural Gas Network and its Operator
On 8 November 2017, the Energy Regulatory Entity (ERE) issued the Decision No.178/2017, on the methodology for calculating the tariffs for the transmission and distribution network of the natural gas. On the same date, ERE by the Decision No.179/2017 approved the final certification of Albgaz sha as a combined natural gas operator. On 10 November 2017, ERE by virtue of the Decision No.187/2017, decided to approve the licensing of Albgaz sha on the natural gas distribution activity. On the same date, ERE, by virtue of the Decision No.188/2017, approved the licensing of Albgaz sha on the natural gas transmission activity…

EU: Commission Action Plan for a Modern and Clean Economy
On 12 December 2017, during the One Planet Summit in Paris, the European Commission presented a new Action Plan for the Planet, which includes ten initiatives of the European Union aimed at creation of a modern and clean economy, and a fair society, powered by sustainable energy…

EU: Commission Publishes its Third Report on Energy Union’s State
On 24 November 2017, the European Commission published its Third Report on the State of the European Energy Union, showing that, due to the progress made during 2017, the EU is on track to implement its Energy Union project…


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