Energy News – 67th Issue

EU and EnC


Ambitious Reforms with the ‘European Green Deal’
New Finance within the European Green Deal
EnC European Green Deal in Western Balkans
November Infringements Package
ACER Urges Market Participants to Address Incorrect Reporting Issues under REMIT

Establishment of the Regional Security Coordinator in Thessaloniki
Judgment of ECJ in Case C523/18
Judgment of ECJ in Case C376/18
Judgment of the ECJ in Joined Cases C80/18 and C83/18

Oil & Gas
Judgment of the ECJ in Case C 236/18

New list of Energy Projects of Common Interest

Competition & State Aid
Commission Approves Batteries Important Project of Common European Interest for seven Member States (SA.54793, SA.54801, SA.54794, SA.54806, SA.54808,
SA.54796 and SA.54809)
Commission Approves Bulgarian Aid Scheme for WastetoEnergy HighEfficient Cogeneration Plant (SA.54042)
Commission Approves € 92 million Slovak Support for a Mining Company (S.A. 55038)
Commission Approves € 57 million Croatian Support for Modernisation of Zagreb’s District Heating System (S.A. 53628)



Greek National Plan Approved
Liberalisation of the Energy Market Framework

NOME Auctions Abandoned
Codification of the Grid Control Code for Electricity
Financial Derivatives Energy Market Rulebook

Developments in the Crete Peloponnese Interconnection Project

Amendments to the Code of the Operator of RES and Guarantees of Origin (DAPEEP)


Criteria to Decide Limits Based on the Requirements for Generation Connection Guide
Outsourcing a part of the Fibre Optic Infrastructure
Regulation for Standardising Load Profiles

Oil & Gas
Secretariat Sends Reasoned Opinion regarding State Guarantee for the Tuzla 7 Project


Launch of the Second Wave of Coupling of Intraday Electricity Markets


Oil & Gas
Serbia (AERS) Approval on Use and Access to the Crossborder Transmission Capacity for 2020
EnC Rejects Unbundling Model of Gastrans
Dispute Settlement Procedure for Lack of Implementation of a National Emission Reduction Plan Opened

Download: ROKAS Energy Newsflash Jan 2020

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