Energy News – Draft Law for the use of energy from RES

Energy News – 76th Issue-Draft Law for promoting the use of energy from RES

1.Editor’s note

2. Serbia: Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on the Use of RES

3. Romania: Amendments to the temporary measures addressing the increase energy prices

4.Albania: Draft Law for promoting the use of energy from RES

On 20 February 2023 the Commission for Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights of the Albanian Parliament approved the draft law on promoting the use of energy from renewable sources proposed by the Council of Ministers. The adoption of the law by the Parliament is pending.

This Draft, when adopted, will replace the currently applicable law No. 7/2017 on promoting the use of energy from renewable sources. The scope of the new law is to improve incentive policies to increase the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in Albania and to protect them, as provided for in directive 2018/2001 (RED II). The Draft law should harmonize the Albanian legislation with the EU Energy Acquis, create space for a more flexible treatment of self-producers from RES, impact the reduction of import of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases, and
encourage development of RES and their regional integration. It aims to achieve the new target of renewable resources in Albania, which in 2030 is 54% of all consumption to be from RES.

Another novelty is the recognition of the right of small producers to freely market the surplus of produced energy and provide for the mechanism to guarantee the implementation of this right. Further it regulates the creation of the Renewable Energy Operator, which will trade on the energy exchange with all the RES energy it will operate.

The Chapter III of the Draft regulates the promotion of electricity production from RES including the support measures for electricity produced from RES, responsibilities related to balancing and flexibility, support schemes, steps related to the competitive process, support measures for pilot projects.

5.Bulgaria: Amendments of the Energy Law

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