Energy News – 8th Issue

Energy News – 8th Issue

Energy Markets

Serbia: Draft of New Energy Law Introduced for Public Consultation
Montenegro: Set of Rulebooks and Regulations
EU: Implementation of the Third Energy Legislative Package: ACER/CEER Annual Report
EU: The new 2030 Framework on Climate and Energy Proposed by the Commission


Ukraine: Reform of the Ukrainian Electricity Market
Bulgaria: Reduction of Energy Prices Introduced by Decision of the Energy Regulator
Greece: Energy Regulator Declares Itself Incompetent for the Interpretation of a Disputable Provision of the
Energy Law

Oil & Gas

Ukraine: Preferential Tax Treatment for Certain Projects of Production of Hydrocarbons
Greece: Amendments to the Gas Network Code and Introduction of Three New Standard Transmission Agreements

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

EU: ACER Calls ENTSO-E to Expedite the Process of Harmonization: Opinion on ENTSO-E’s Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation

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