Awarding of EUR 3.4 million government investment incentives

Rokas (Belgrade) successfully represented a client in the process of awarding of EUR 3.4 million government investment incentives

Textile company from Bangladesh, Pretty Group signed a government investment agreement on the allocation of EUR 3.4 million worth of incentives for launching a production textile facility in Sombor, which will create 1,100 jobs. The signing was attended by our lawyers Aleksandar Mladenovic and Vuk Stankovic of «Mladenovic & Stankovic in cooperation with Rokas Law Firm», the investor’s legal counsellor.

The total estimated value of Pretty Group’s investment is EUR 14.3 mio. The project will be realized through a combination of investments in the existing production capacities (brownfield), and investments in new production capacities (greenfield), along with the latest technology used in the textile industry, which the investor intends to utilize. The expected annual production capacity will be 2.4 million production units.

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