Terms & Conditions: What is their difference from “General Terms”

“Terms & Conditions: What is their difference from the General Terms of a commercial contract?”

Article by Kosmas Karanikolas, Senior Associate published in the Next Deal,  January 23, 2024

In recent years, it has become common practice for product / service suppliers to use the words “terms and conditions” in order to declare that, for the product being sold, “terms and conditions” governing it apply; and their all-purpose advertisements, stereotypes and monotonous, they close with the phrase “terms and conditions apply”, because the announcement is mandatory, so that the consumer notices it. Does it mean something different or something in addition to the term “General Terms” that has been used for more than 100 years by the Greek Market?

In English, the term “terms” denotes any provision of a contract, while the term “condition” conveys the essential term of the contract, as well as the provision that either suspends the contract until a specific event occurs or terminates it under specified circumstances. Therefore, the first term constitutes the “generic concept” and includes all the provisions of the contract, while the second term, as a more specific term, includes only the essential points of the contract, the violation of which gives the injured party the right to terminate the contract for serious reason, but it also provides the conditions that may be foreseen.

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