Insurance Disputes Law Review, 6th edition

Insurance Disputes Law Review, 6th edition

The recently published 6th edition of the “Insurance Disputes Law Review” constitutes an invaluable source of knowledge on the ever-evolving field of insurance conflicts’ resolution, examined across diverse jurisdictions worldwide. This comprehensive edition offers a pragmatic overview, dissecting recent advancements in the resolution of insurance-related disputes while intricately analyzing the relevant legal frameworks within each jurisdiction.

In-Depth: Insurance Disputes (formerly The Insurance Disputes Law Review) provides a practical overview of recent developments in insurance disputes across major jurisdictions worldwide. It examines the key features of the legal framework governing insurance-related disputes in each jurisdiction, covering substantive and procedural issues, recent litigation trends and much more.

Greek Expertise: Rokas Law Firm was, for the third year in a row, the exclusive contributor for Greece, as the relevant Chapter has been drawn up by @Dr. Antonios Tsavdaridis, Partner and @Kosmas Karanikolas, Senior Associate. The chapter in question provides a concise overview of the most recent developments in insurance disputes’ resolution in Greece, viewed from a practical standpoint. After a comprehensive illustration of fundamental aspects of the standing legal framework intended for insurance disputes’ settlement, the chapter briefly outlines the most noteworthy, recently delivered court decisions in insurance-related cases and concludes by pinpointing the latest trends in litigation, law-making as well as in the insurance market.

The Chapter for Greece is available upon subscription on: Lexology

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