The 1st conference of the Serbian Energy Law Association (UPES) was held 4.12.2018 in Belgrade, Serbia – its organisation was supported by Rokas and Mira Todorovic Symeonides, Partner (Athens), moderated the panel: New developments in the Energy Law

UPES was founded in June 2018 and became observer member of the European Federation of Energy Law Associations (EFELA). Rokas Athens and Rokas Belgrade participated in setting up the UPES, while Mira Todorovic Symeonides, Partner (Rokas Athens) and the Rokas Belgrade office representative, Vuk Stankovic have been elected to the management board of the UPES. Vuk Stankovic is also holding the position of Vice-president.

UPES held its first promotional conference, “Energy Law Associations within the Future Energy Market” on 04.12.2018, in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, with the following speakers, leading EU lawyers and practitioners in the field of energy law: Dr. Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director and Legal counsel of the Energy Community Secretariat, Dr. Vincente Lopez-Ibor Mayor, President of EFELA, Prof. Dr. Johann-Christian Pielow, Institute for Mining and Energy Law of the Ruhr University Bochum, Mr. Graham Coop, Partner in Volterra Fietta, Mr. Alexandar Kovacevic, fellow of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Dr. Wolfram Vogel, Director of Public & Regulatory affairs of EPEX SPOT SE, Mr. Bardhi, Hoxha, a Regulatory Affairs Manager in MEDREG, Dr. Rozeta Karova, a senior energy lawyer of the Energy Community Secretariat, Mr. Peter Canciani, a Project Manager in CEI, Ms Marine Cornelis, energy consultant, and Ms Alexandra Psyrri, Head of Forward Trading Unit of the Hellenic PPC.

Mira Todorovic Symeonides moderated the panel: New developments in the Energy Law.
The president of the EFELA, Dr. Vincente Lopez-Ibor Mayor, said on the occasion that “Energy law plays a significant role in the discussion on the new energy package”; “This will affect the occurrence of changes that will revolutionize the European Union’s energy market”.



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