The 4th edition of “Insurance Law- An introduction”, has been published (2019)

The 4th edition of “Insurance Law- an introduction”, by Professor Dr Ioannis Rokas, the Senior Partner of Rokas (Athens), has recently been published (in Greek) by Nomiki Bibliothiki.

This book is a concise but comprehensive overview of the hard core of the law governing private insurance. Briefly touching upon historic evolution and the inclusion of insurance contract law in the legal framework ruling business undertakings, the book goes on to explain the characteristics, the nature, the distinctions and the common rules for insurance contracts. Then non-life insurance is analysed as well as its various types, such as D&O, E&O, MTPL, marine and aviation insurance.

The part on life insurance emphasises on IBIPs and PRIIPs and concludes with health and accident insurance. The second part elaborates on the general principles of state supervision of insurance undertakings and their rules of operation under the Solvency II regime. Finally, insurance distribution is briefly analysed on the basis of the IDD and Regulations POG, KID and PIG.

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