10th AIDA EUROPE Conference

10th AIDA EUROPE Conference 30-31 May 2024  Athens, Greece 

10th AIDA EUROPE Conference

30-31 May 2024  Athens, Greece


Conference Centre of ETHNIKI ASFALISTIKI (Ethniki Insurance Company SA) 103-105, Syngrou Avenue 11745 ATHENS
Is the insurance market ready quickly and effectively to meet the needs of its customers, ranging from consumers to multinationals and beyond? More than just financial protection is now expected. Also, the promotion of wellbeing, of helping customers satisfy a myriad of regulatory, legal, environmental, social and governance requirements, and at the same time meet the challenge to withstand financial and geopolitical upheaval in a world of increasing climatic change, disruption and technological innovation. Where are insurers succeeding and where are the greatest threats or opportunities? What place is there for, and what is the impact of, customer “choice”? 10th AIDA EUROPE CONFERENCE | PROGRAMME 2 Engage in two days of informed and stimulating discussion, keynote presentations and interactive sessions with specialist panels and working party meetings, populated by legal and insurance practitioners, regulators, academics and commentators from across Europe and beyond. At the same time, take the opportunity to meet and spend time with your peers in the easily accessed and delightful bustling city of Athens, with its many attractions and places of interest.

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