9th AIDA Europe Conference Programme and Registrations


AIDA (Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances) is running the 9th AIDA Europe Conference “Getting Fit for the Future” Tackling the legal, regulatory and business challenges in times of climate, structural and political changes, that will be held in Zurich from 6-7 October 2022.
Our Managing Partner Alkistis Christofilou in her current role as Co – Chair AIDA Europe will be opening the 1st and 2nd day of the Conference together with Prof. Jens Gal.
AIDA  is a non-profit making international association, formed in 1960, to promote and develop at an international level, collaboration between its members with a view to increasing the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and related matters.

Insurers and Reinsurers tackling the legal, regulatory and business challenges of risk and disruption in the face of technological, structural,climate and political change and uncertainty in a post-pandemic age.

Technological advances and climate/sustainability challenges were already obliging insurers and reinsurers to react both smartly and swiftly to change. After more than two years of global
disruption in the wake of the pandemic and more recent political and economic uncertainty, how do they now most effectively respond?

This first in-person AIDA Europe conference for over two years will consider how emerging Insurance EcoSystems will help meet these challenges; which elements of Sustainability
considerations (ESG) in the insurance industry will remain most critically valuable; and how governance and regulations need to evolve as Structural Changes in insurance companies and
across markets continue. Also, the lessons to be learned from the pandemic and continuing economic/political fallout of geopolitics, of international sanctions, of disruption to many areas
of domestic and global trading.

To view the conference programme, click here: https://bit.ly/3IE7DHn
Register your place here: https://bit.ly/3chll70

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