Energy News – 10th Issue- Gas supply agreement

Energy News – 10th Issue- Gas supply agreement

  • EU: OPCOM Fined for Abusing its Dominant Position in the
    Romanian Market
  • EU: Market Sharing Agreement between EPEX (France) and Nord
    Pool Spot (Norway) is Fned with 5.9 Million EUR by EC
  • Greece: New Vertically Integrated Electricity Company – Small PPC
  • Montenegro: Regulatory Reform in Hydrocarbons
  • Croatia: New Law on Oil and Petroleum Market adopted
  • Greece: Extension of the Gas Supply Agreement between DEPA
    and Gazprom Export Introducing Price Reduction

As a result of several months’ negotiations, on 25 February 2014 the business press reported that an agreement
was finally reached between DEPA, the main gas supplier in the Greek market, and one of its main suppliers from
abroad, Gazprom Export, introducing a reduction of the price of natural gas supply by 15 %, thereby approaching
the European average gas supply. Some days later, on 11 March 2014, DEPA published an official announcement
that the respective new supply contract was signed on that day, providing for the aforementioned priced reduction,
which shall apply retroactively from 1 July 2013, allowing for respective refunds by DEPA to its customers in
Greece. Although the exact content of the new contract was not made public, several -other than the price
reduction- favorable terms and conditions are said to have been included, such as an amendment to the conditions
for activation of the take-or-pay clauses. Through this new contract, the agreement between DEPA and Gazprom
Export for supply of Russian gas to Greece was extended for ten (10) further years.

  • Energy Community: A Reasoned Opinion against Serbia Was
    Submitted by the Secretariat due to Serbia’s Failure to Comply with
    Gas Unbundling Rules
  • Bulgaria: Reductions of Fees for Access of Producers of Electricity
    from RES to Transmission and Distribution Grids
  • Greece: New Measures to Affect Renewable Energy Producers
  • Serbia: New Rulebook on Guaranties of Origin for the Electricity
    Generated from RES
  • Montenegro: Levy for Promotion of RES Production
  • BiH: Set of Rulebooks for RES Presented for Public Consultation
  • Greece: New Regulatory Decisions Aiming at Completion of
    Unbundling of the Electricity Distribution Network Operator
  • Greece: Greek Energy Regulator Issues Various Decisions in
    regard to the Realisation of the TAP Project
  • EU: ACER Annual Report Contractual Congestion at
    Interconnection Points
  • Energy Community: Secretariat Initiates Dispute Settlement Case
    against BiH for Incomplete Transposition of the Directive on Energy
    End-use Efficiency and Energy Services
  • Poland: New Polish Nuclear Power Program


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