Energy News – 12th Issue-RAE Rules

Energy News – 12th Issue-RAE Rules


  • Greece: Fourth Review of the Second Economic Adjustment
    Programme – Energy Sector Package of Reforms
  • EU: The New EU Public Procurement Rules and Their Impact
    on Public Procurement in the Energy Services Sector
  • EU: Transparency Requirements in Electricity and Gas
    Households’ Supply Agreements
  • Energy Community: Issuance of Two Reports Concerning
    Electricity Regulation in the 8th Region
  • Energy Community: Dispute Settlement Procedure Initiated by
    the Secretariat against Ukraine for not Adopting and Enforcing
    State Aid Legislation


  • Greece: Auction Based Market Reform Shall Enhance
    Competition in the Greek Retail Electricity Market
  • Greece: RAE Rules on a Dispute Regarding the Allocation of
    Electricity Market Deficits Between Market Participants

By its Decision No. 197/2014, which was published on 9 May 2014, the Greek energy regulator RAE rules on an
appeal submitted by the electricity producer Elpedison against: a. the major State owned electricity producer and
supplier PPC, b. the Greek electricity market operator LAGIE and c. the Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE

Elpedison had requested among others: that LAGIE is forced to observe RAE’s Decisions No.
58/2013 and 285/2013 by which a methodology was established for the proportional allocation of the market deficit
created due to the unpaid debts of electricity suppliers which ceased operations; that ADMIE is forced to develop
and apply a corresponding methodology for the proportional allocation of payments performed through the
mediation of ADMIE (cost recovery for gas generated electricity producers, capacity market remuneration, public
service obligations, RES duty etc.); and that PPC complies with its obligation to pay the amounts proportionally
allocated to it pursuant to Decisions No. 58/2013 and 285/2013. Meanwhile, PPC has already appealed against
RAE’s Decision No. 285/2013 before the Greek Supreme Administrative Court (Council of State) which issued on 3
April 2014 an injunction (No. 62/2014) by which it orders PPC to pay only the half of the amount allocated to it by
LAGIE based on the allocation methodology provided in Decision No. 285/2013 until the issuance of a final
judgment on its appeal. RAE finally decided as follows: Contrary to ELPEDISON’s claim LAGIE’s conduct was
found to be in compliance with the relevant regulatory framework. However, the same does not go for ADMIE
which was ordered to comply with the existing regulatory framework and to further develop and propose to RAE a
payments’ allocation methodology corresponding to the one already applicable in the case of LAGIE. Finally, RAE
condemned PPC’s refusal to comply with RAE’s Decisions No. 58/2013 and 285/2013 and decided to forward the
case to the Hellenic Competition Authority so that PPC’s conduct will be jointly examined by the two authorities
from the viewpoint of compliance with competition legislation

  • BiH: Draft Rulebook on Eligible Customers Presented for Public


  • EU: The Commission Imposes Anti-dumping and
    Countervailing Duties on Imports of Solar Glass Originating in
    the People’s Republic of China
  • Romania: Approval for the Year 2014 of the Quota of Electricity
    Produced from RES that Benefit from the System of Promotion
    through Green Certificates
  • Ukraine: Bill Amending Feed-in Tariffs for Big Solar Energy


  • EU: ACER’s Opinion on the Appropriate Range of
    Transmission Charges Imposed on Electricity Producers
  • Greece: RAE’s Decisions on the Revenue of the Operators of
    the Electricity Transmission System & Distribution Network and
    on the Charges Paid by the Consumers


  • Croatia: Energy Certification of Buildings and Issuance of
    Energy Certificates


  • Poland: Amendments to the Nuclear Law


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