Energy News – 15th Issue

Energy News – 15th Issue

Energy Markets

Ukraine: Energy State Companies Subject for Auction Sale for 2014
EU: Commission Approves National Energy Support Schemes


Greece: Energy Regulator Publishes Draft Distribution Network Code for Public Consultation
BiH: State Electricity Regulatory Commission Adopted Tariffs for Electricity Transmission Services
Greece: Revision of the Capacity Adequacy Mechanism

Oil & Gas

Ukraine: Reform in Management of the Unified Gas Transmission System
Croatia: Tender for the On-Shore Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons
EU: Commission Published a Study on Civil Liability for Offshore Oil and Gas Activities
Greece: The 2nd International Licensing Round of the Tender for the Offshore Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons in Greece
Greece: Competition Commission Approves DEPAs Proposal on e-Auctions
Montenegro: The Parliament adopted the Law on Hydrocarbons Tax


Romania: State Aid Scheme on Exemption of Certain Consumers Categories from the RES Levy
EU: The European Commission’s Staff Working Document on the State of Play of the Sustainability of Solid and Gaseous Biomass

Energy Efficiency

EU: Poland and Austria before the European Court of Justice for Failure to Implement the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings
Energy Community: Energy Efficiency Directive Implementation
EU: Commission Proposes Higher and Achievable Energy Savings Target for 2030

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