Energy News -Exploration and Exploitation Of Hydrocarbons

Energy News – 15th Issue-exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons

Energy Markets

Ukraine: Energy State Companies Subject for Auction Sale for 2014
EU: Commission Approves National Energy Support Schemes


Greece: Energy Regulator Publishes Draft Distribution Network Code for Public Consultation
BiH: State Electricity Regulatory Commission Adopted Tariffs for Electricity Transmission Services
Greece: Revision of the Capacity Adequacy Mechanism

Oil & Gas

Ukraine: Reform in Management of the Unified Gas Transmission System
Croatia: Tender for the On-Shore Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons
EU: Commission Published a Study on Civil Liability for Offshore Oil and Gas Activities
Greece: The 2nd International Licensing Round of the Tender for the Offshore Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons in Greece

On 8 August 2014, a call for the 2nd International Licensing Round of the Tender for the Exploration and
Exploitation of Hydrocarbons Offshore in Greece was published in the Greek Official Journal, no. B 2186/2014, in
the context of the relevant decision of the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change made on 31 July
2014. Through the said tender interested parties are invited to apply for granting and using authorisations for the
exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in twenty (20) marine areas in Western Greece (Ionian Sea) as well
as in the area southern of Crete. The Notice of the Call, as published, sets a tentative timeframe, whereby the
application deadline ends six (6) months after the publication of the Notice of the Call in the Official Journal of the
European Union, the period of evaluation of the applications ends three (3) months thereafter and the Lease
Agreement execution is carried out three (3) months after the evaluation is completed. The licensing round falls
within the scope of the Hydrocarbons Law no. 2289/1995 and Presidential Decree No.127/1996 titled “Lease terms
of the right for exploration and exploitation of Hydrocarbons”, as well as all relevant legislation. After the selection
procedure is over, the Hellenic Republic will conclude separate Lease Agreements with the Selected Applicant for
each Block. All exploitation and exploration activities must be developed in accordance to the European Legislation
on energy and environment, which includes conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), as also
required by the Greek law on environmental licensing (Law 4014/2011). The granting of the envirnmental license is
necessary for the construction and operation of the projects to commence. It must also be mentioned that the
Ministry, along with Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), undertook extensive seismic survey in the said area and both
the relevant geophysical data and the interpretation report are available by PGS.
Greece: Competition Commission Approves DEPAs Proposal on e-Auctions
Montenegro: The Parliament adopted the Law on Hydrocarbons Tax


Romania: State Aid Scheme on Exemption of Certain Consumers Categories from the RES Levy
EU: The European Commission’s Staff Working Document on the State of Play of the Sustainability of Solid and Gaseous Biomass

Energy Efficiency

EU: Poland and Austria before the European Court of Justice for Failure to Implement the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings
Energy Community: Energy Efficiency Directive Implementation
EU: Commission Proposes Higher and Achievable Energy Savings Target for 2030


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