Energy News – 17th Issue-Internal Energy Market

Energy News – 17th Issue- Internal Energy Market

Energy Markets

EU: Commission Publishes Communication regarding the Progress towards Completing the Internal Energy Market
EU: Papers Describing Responses to Market Challenges
EU: Leaders Agree on New Climate Energy Policy Targets for 2030
BiH: Energy Community Secretariat proposes Draft Laws to Bosnia and Herzegovina in Compliance with the Third Energy Package


Greece: RAE Presents Roadmap for Transition of the Electricity Wholesale
Market to the EU Target Model
FYR of Macedonia: Rescheduling of the Opening of the Electricity Markets
to Eligible Consumers
Albania: Albanian Government Purchases Back the Shares of CEZ
Bulgaria: Energy Regulator Sets Minimum Legal, Technical and Economic
Requirements for Obtaining a License for Trading with Electricity
Greece: Ministerial Decision for the Lease of the Mine Area of Vevi,Located in Florina
Ukraine: Prolongation of Emergency Measures for the Electricity Market

Oil & Gas

Greece: Calculation of the Initial Auction Natural Gas Price
EU – Energy Community: Energy Security Stress Tests
Greece: RAE Introduces Special Levy and Other Measures for Safeguarding Security of Supply in the Event of Gas Crisis
Ukraine: Government Sets Entry/Exit Tariffs for Natural Gas Transit through
the Territory of Ukraine by Transmission Pipelines


Greece: RAE’s Opinion on Net Metering of RES Autoproduction
Romania: European Commission Approves Romanian Green Certificate Reduction Scheme for Energy-intensive Users
Ukraine: National Renewable Energy Action Plan Finally Approved

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

EU: New Transparency Platform Created by ENTSO-G
EU: ENTSO-E’s Network Code on Emergency and Restoration is up for Public Consultation
Romania: Amendments to the Ownership Regime for Energy Transmission Systems
Greece: Final Certification of the Gas TSO
EU: Commission Presents Priority Lists for the Development of Network Codes and Guidelines for 2015

Energy Efficiency

Poland: New Act on Energy Performance of Buildings


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