Energy News – 18th Issue-DESFA’s Acquisition

Energy News – 18th Issue- DESFA’s Acquisition

Energy Markets

Energy Community Policy Guidelines and European Commission Recommendation on Application of the Energy Community Acquis between the Contracting Parties and the European Union
Ukraine: Energy Market Regulator Obliges the Licensees to Disclose Draft Investment Programs for 2015
EU: Commission Publishes Report on Subsidies and Costs of EU Energy


EU: Reductions of Electricity Prices to Energy-Intensive Companies
EU: Court Rules on Information Obligation Regarding Unilateral Adjustments of Prices in Supply Agreements
EU – Greece: Two State Aid Decisions Approve Schemes in favour of Energy Intensive Companies
South East Europe: SEE CAO Announces Auction Platform Opening
Ukraine: Electricity Market Update
Serbia: Energy Agency Confirmed Amendments of the Electricity Market Code

Oil & Gas

Ukraine: Action Plan Approved on Reduction of Natural Gas Consumption until 2017
Ukraine: Government Decides on the Gas Sale Monopoly of NJSC “Naftogas of Ukraine” until 28 February 2015
EU/Greece: European Commission Launches Investigation Proceedings on DESFA’s Acquisition
EU: European Commission Adopts the Implementing Regulation 1112/2014 on Off Shore Oil and Gas
EU: Two Greek Hydrocarbons Tenders Published in the EU Official Journal
EU – Ukraine: Binding Protocol Signed by the European Commission, the Ukrainian Government and the Government of the Russian Federation on Gas Supply
Greece: Public Consultation Launched on Draft Standard Agreement for Reservation of Future Gas Capacity


Romania: Further Amendments to the State Aid Scheme regarding Exemptions from the System of RES Promotion
EU: Court Rules on the Flemish Green Certificate Scheme
Poland: Controversies over the Act on Renewable Energy Resources

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

EU: Several EU Decisions and Documents regarding Energy Infrastructure Projects
Greece: Energy Regulator Defines the Required Revenue of the Electricity Transmission System Operator for the Period 2015-2017

Energy Efficiency

Croatia: Parliament Adopts Energy Efficiency Act


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