Energy News – 23rd Issue-Natural Gas Supply Tariff

Energy News – 23rd Issue-Natural Gas Supply Tariff


EU: European Council Supports Commission’s Framework Strategy towards
an Energy Union

EU: ACER Publishes Recommendation to the European Commission in
relation to MiFID II

EU/ Energy Community: European Commission and ACER Clarify
Conditions for Participation of Energy Community Regulators to ACER

Ukraine: Energy Community Secretariat Issues a Country Brief on Ukraine


EU/ Greece: EU Commission Finds that Arbitration Decision Setting
Electricity Supply Tariff does not Constitute Illegal State Aid

Romania: Energy Regulator Introduces New Rules on the Granting of
Licenses and Authorisations in the Electricity Sector


EU: Commission sends Statement of Objection to Gazprom regarding
Central and East European Gas Market

Poland: New Draft Regulation on Diversification of Gas Supplies in Poland

Ukraine: New Licensing Conditions and Standard Contracts for Natural Gas
Supply and Distribution

Croatia: Tariff Changes on the Croatian Gas Market

Bulgaria: Government Opens Procedures for Granting Authorisations for
Prospecting and Exploration of Oil and Natural Gas in the Black Sea

Greece: Two-month Extension of Deadline for Submission of Bids for 20
offshore Plots in Ionian Sea and Crete

Greece: Natural Gas Supply Tariff Reductions Announced


EU: RES in EU Reached 15% of Gross Final Energy Consumption in 2013

Romania: Energy Regulator Establishes Trading Value Limits for Green
Certificates for 2015

Greece: DEDDIE Announces Launch of Submission of Applications for
Domestic PV through Net Metering

Serbia: Ministry Introduces New Available Capacities for Solar Energy


EU: ENTSO-E Launches Invitation for TYNDP 2016 / ENTSO-G Launches
Public Consultation for TYNDP 2015 and an Exceptional Public Call for an

Ukraine: TSO Publishes Development Plan for the Unified Energy System of
Ukraine until 2024 for Public Consultation


Croatia: Legislative Developments in the Energy Efficiency Sector


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