Energy News – 4th Issue

Energy News – 4th Issue


  • Greece: The TSO will be able to conclude interruptible contracts with energy-intensive consumers
  • Bulgaria: Decision of the State Energy Regulatory Commission on the implementation of smart metering systems

Oil and Gas

  • EU: ACER issues guidance for the Guidelines for Congestion Management Procedures


  • Greece: The energy regulator attests the reasonability of existing FITs for RES other than photovoltaics
  • Poland: Provisions of the recently issued Little Energy Three-Pack relating to RES

Infrastructure & Grids

  • FYR of Macedonia: Compensation of damages by TSO(s) and DSO(s)

Energy Efficiency

  • EU: European Commission study on the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Nuclear Energy

  • International: MoU between the European Atomic Energy
    Community and the International Atomic Energy Agency signed this month


  • Croatia: New Law on Environment
  • EU: Commission decides to reduce free emission allowances

Download: ROKAS_Energy_Newsflash_September_2013

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