Energy News – 5th Issue

Energy News – 5th Issue

Energy Markets

SEE: Energy Community’s Annual Implementation Report


Greece: Introduction of the Risk Management of LAGIE for the Day Ahead Scheduling
Greece: New hearing on PPC’s exclusive lignite rights
Ukraine: Privatisation of the Ukrainian Transmission System Operator (Ukrenergo)

Oil & Gas

EU: European Parliament decided on mandatory environmental impact assessment for shale gas
Poland: Mandatory trading in gas through a commodities exchange


Greece: New law introducing amendments to the legal framework for RES

Energy Licensing

Serbia: Amendments to energy permitting procedure for construction of energy facilities

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

EU: List of key energy infrastructure projects adopted by the European Commission

Energy Efficiency

Greece: Two model energy performance contracts published to the web

Download: ROKAS_Energy_Newsflash_October_2013

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