Energy News – 7th Issue-Gas and Electricity

Energy News – 7th Issue-Gas and Electricity


Greece: RAE’s Decisions on Two Requests of the Greek Utility for Repeal of imposed Fines

Oil & Gas

EU: ACER Publishes Framework Guidelines on Harmonised Gas Transmission Tariff Structures
Serbia: The New Law on Commodity Reserves for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
BiH: New Law on Exploration and Exploitation of Oil & Gas in FBiH
Ukraine: Amendments to the Mining Law – Procedures for Exploration and Exploitation


Poland: Auction System Introduced in the Polish Renewable Support Scheme
Bulgaria: 20% Charge on the Income of Solar and Wind Producers Introduced

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

Greece: Gas and Electricity Ten-year Grid Development Plans Approved by RAE

By its Decisions no. 525/2013 and 560/2013 the Greek energy regulator (RAE) approved in November 2013 the
ten-year Grid Development Plans submitted for approval by the gas and electricity TSOs respectively. Pursuant to
the Greek energy law 4001/2011, such plans must be yearly developed by the competent TSO, then be published
for public consultation and finally receive approval by RAE. As regards the gas TSO (DESFA), its Grid
Development Plan for the period 2013-2022 was approved by RAE (Decision no. 525/2013) as a result of a long
procedure of consultation, rejection of initial plans and submission of revised versions. The finally approved plan
provides several construction projects with a view to connecting new users to the grid, modernising the existing
infrastructure and further expanding the grid. Among others, the second upgrade of the LNG Terminal at
Revithoussa is addressed in the Plan. As regards the electricity TSO (ADMIE), its Grid Development Plan for the
period 2014-2023 was approved by RAE (Decision no. 560/2013). This plan was a revised version submitted to
RAE following the rejection of the initial one by RAE’s Decision no. 463/2013, which requested that the initially
scheduled performance period for some projects should be shortened. Projects included in the Plan are, among
others, the interconnection of Crete and of the Cyclades islands with the main grid and the expansion of the grid in

Energy Efficiency

EU: New Guidance on EU Energy Efficiency Rules


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