Energy News – 7th Issue

Energy News – 7th Issue


Greece: RAE’s Decisions on Two Requests of the Greek Utility for Repeal of imposed Fines

Oil & Gas

EU: ACER Publishes Framework Guidelines on Harmonised Gas Transmission Tariff Structures
Serbia: The New Law on Commodity Reserves for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
BiH: New Law on Exploration and Exploitation of Oil & Gas in FBiH
Ukraine: Amendments to the Mining Law – Procedures for Exploration and Exploitation


Poland: Auction System Introduced in the Polish Renewable Support Scheme
Bulgaria: 20% Charge on the Income of Solar and Wind Producers Introduced

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

Greece: Gas and Electricity Ten-year Grid Development Plans Approved by RAE

Energy Efficiency

EU: New Guidance on EU Energy Efficiency Rules

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