Energy News – 9th Issue-TSO

Energy News – 9th Issue-TSO

Energy Markets

EU: Communication from the Commission on Energy Prices and Costs in Europe
Bulgaria: Competition Commission Sanctioned Bulgarian Electricity Company Energo-Pro Grid AD for Abuse of
Dominant Position


Greece: Ownership Unbundling of Greek TSO ADMIE and its Privatisation

On 12 February 2014 the Greek Parliament enacted Law 4237/2014 on Regulation of ADMHE Matters (Official
Journal 36 A/12-2-2014), which regulates the ownership unbundling and privatisation of the Greek TSO ADMIE
(subsidiary of the vertically integrated state-owned PPC) and amends the Government Decree no 15/2013 on
Approval of Reconstruction and Privatisation of PPC. According to the Law, 66% of the ADMIE shares shall be sold
to an investor in a public tender procedure, while 34% shall be transferred to a separate Greek public body, in
accordance with Article 9.6 of the 2009/72/EC Directive. The price for acquisition of the shares by the Greek State
will be calculated on the basis of the price agreed with the purchaser of the 66% of shares. The Law allows
offsetting of this price with the State’s claims against PPC, such as taxes or future claims or rights. The eligibility
criteria, which shall be regulated by the tender, have been indicatively listed in the Law as: experience in operation
of electricity transmission grids, application of European Acquis on electricity transmission, financial and legal
eligibility and sufficiency. The Law authorises the Ministries of Finance and of Environment, Energy and Climate
Change to further regulate the necessary details regarding the implementation of the procedures, without changing
the deadline for finalisation of the tender procedure, set for the end of the second quarter of 2014. The employment
and social security rights of ADMIE employees guaranteed with the article 103 of the Law 4001/2011 shall be
preserved. The Parliament Committee for Production and Trade shall provide its comments and proposals to the
text of the Tender Public Invitation within 30 days from receiving of its draft.

Greece: New Regulatory Framework for Electricity Production, Network Operation and Supply in the Non-Interconnected Islands
Bulgaria: Unbundling of the National Electric Company and the Electricity System Operator

Oil & Gas

EU: Commission Guidelines on Hydraulic Fracturing


Energy Community: Secretariat Initiates Dispute Settlement for Νon Compliance with the RES Directive
Serbia: Amendments to the PPA Rulebook
EU: Recent Case Law Regarding Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Financing

Energy Infrastructure & Grids

EU: ACER Opinions on ENTSO–E’s Proposals Regarding the Operation of the Central Information Transparency Platform
EU: ACER Opinions on the Cost Benefit Analysis Methodologies Submitted by ENTSO-E and ENTSO-G

Energy Efficiency

EU: Financing the Energy Renovation of Buildings with Cohesion Policy Funding



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