Energy News -DEDDIE ’s Unbundling Compliance Programme

Energy News – 19th Issue- DEDDIE ’s Unbundling Compliance Programme


  • EU: Energy Council Adopts Conclusions on the Completion of the Internal
    Energy Market
  • EU: ACER and CEER Issue Annual Market Monitoring Report for 2013
  • EU: 22 Member States Are Called to Implement Anti-Vat-Fraud Package
  • EU: Commission Issues REMIT Implementing Acts on Data Reporting
  • EU: The Court of Justice Deems Legitimate the Spanish State Aid Scheme
    Concerning the Production of Electricity from Domestic Coal
  • Serbia: New Energy Balance for 2014


  • Greece: RAE Approves DEDDIE ’s Unbundling Compliance Programme
  • Greece: National Scheme for the Compensation of Indirect EU ETS Costs
  • Greece: Energy Regulator Approves Interconnection Capacity Allocation
    Auction Rules for 2015
  • Ukraine: Amendments to the Grid Access Rules regarding Import and Export


  • Romania: Measures on the Supply of Natural Gas to Non-Domestic Clients
  • Ukraine: New Rules and Emergency Measures for the Ukrainian Gas Market
  • Montenegro: Amendments to the Decision on Blocks for Exploration and
    Production of Hydrocarbons
  • Romania: European Commission Asks Romania to Comply with the EU Rules
    on Security of Gas Supply
  • Greece – Belgium: Agreements on Cooperation in the Gas Sector


  • Croatia: Plan Regarding Distribution of Revenues from Sale of Emission
    Allowances for the Period 2014-2016
  • Croatia: Methodology of Determining the Origin of Electricity
  • EU: Commission Partially Approves the German State Aid Scheme for
    Renewable Energy
  • Greece: ADMIE and DEDDIE Announce Details regarding the Letters of
    Guarantee for RES Projects as well as the Granting of Connection Offers for
    the Peloponnese Grid


Ukraine: New Statute of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy
Saving of Ukraine and Road Map on the Implementation of EU Legislation on
Energy Efficiency
EC: Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece to comply with Energy Efficiency
Albania: Law on Energy Efficiency of Buildings


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