Energy News – RAE Approves Market Coupling

Energy News – 21st Issue-RAE Approves Market Coupling at Italian-Greek Borders


EU: Energy Union Package – Ambitious Legislative Reforms

EC: Proposal for Establishment of the European Fund for Strategic

EU: General Court Upholds Decision of the European Commission on the
Austrian Renewable Energy Scheme

Energy Community: Policy Guidelines on the Independence of National
Regulatory Authorities

Energy Community: Dispute Settlement Case against FYR of Macedonia for
Postponing Market Opening

Serbia: New Rulebook on Energy Permits


EU: ENTSO-E Policy Paper on Cross Border Participation to Capacity

Energy Community: Study on the Integration of Balancing Markets in the

EU: ACER Publishes Status Review Report on Electricity and Gas Regional
Initiatives for 2014

Romania: ANRE Establishes National Register of the Participants in the
Wholesale Energy Market

Romania: ANRE Publishes Draft Orders on Licensing of Electricity Trading

Greece: RAE Approves Market Coupling at Italian-Greek Borders

On 17 February 2015, Decision no. 31/2015 of the Greek energy regulator RAE was published approving the
project of electricity market coupling at the Italian borders under participation, among others, of the Greek TSO
ADMIE and the Greek market operator LAGIE. After respective approvals were granted by all other national
regulatory authorities involved, the official launch of the Italian Borders Market Coupling was announced for the
24 February 2015. Following the launch of this project at that date, allocation of capacities for the Italian borders
will be performed as part of the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC). MRC is a pan-European project of cooperation
between power exchanges of 20 countries dedicated to the integration of European power spot markets by
operating price coupling of the Day-Ahead wholesale electricity markets, aiming to increase efficiency of
allocation of interconnection capacities of the countries involved. At the launch date of the Italian Borders Market
Coupling on 24 February 2015 only 3 of the five Italian borders will be coupled with MRC; market coupling at the
Italian-Swiss borders, though technically ready, is delayed due to ongoing bilateral negotiations between
Switzerland and the European Commission. On the other hand, market coupling at the Italian-Greek borders is
not technically ready yet, the respective go-live date remaining unclear. By its aforementioned Decision, RAE
approved the package of contractual documents and technical manuals regarding the project of Italian Borders
Market Coupling and requested ADMIE and LAGIE to proceed immediately with the necessary procedures for
the realisation of this project also at the Italian-Greek borders.


EU: European Commission Initiates a Consultation Regarding the Security
of Gas Supplies in Europe

Ukraine: Government Takes a Step towards Deregulation of the Oil & Gas


Ukraine: NERC Decides on Review and Reduction of Feed-in Tariffs

Energy Community: Secretariat Demands from Three Countries the
Immediate Adoption of National Renewable Energy Action Plans


EU: Commission Adopts Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodologies in the Energy


Croatia: Regulation of ESCO Agreements in the Public Sector

Montenegro: New Energy Efficiency Law


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