Environment Law 2010

Environment Law 2010

(Article in the 7th edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Environment Law 2010; published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London – www.iclg.co.uk)

Under article 24 of the Greek Constitution (Environmental Law) the protection of the natural environment is an obligation of the Greek State and a right of every Greek citizen. The Constitution specifically states that the competence of the legislative body includes regulation for the protection of forests, zone planning and city planning as well as protection of monuments and elements of tradition.

Environmental policy is produced and monitored by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, formerly named the Ministry of Environment Zone Panning and Public Works. The Ministry is responsible for the enforcement of environmental law in cooperation with the environmental departments and town planning sections of the Prefectures and Peripheries; other Ministries may be responsible depending on the sector affected, such as the Ministry of Defense, as well as municipalities.

Administrative courts and more specifically the Fifth (E) Chambers of the Supreme Administrative Court (Symvoulio tis Epikrateias) is the court which has jurisdiction to examine the compliance of the acts issued by administrative authorities with environmental law and the Constitution. Penal Courts are involved in the specific, quite numerous, cases where the breach of law is a crime.


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