Energy News – Gas Supply License

Energy News – 24th Issue- Gas Supply License


EU: The Council of the European Union Adopts Draft Conclusions on the
Implementation of the Energy Union
EU: EU Member States and Other Countries Sign the International Energy Charter
FYR of Macedonia: Energy Regulator Adopts Rulebook for Monitoring the Energy Market
Ukraine: Government Approves the List of Enterprises to be Privatised in 2015
Romania: Constitutional Court Finds the Time Period for Contesting Resolutions of
the Energy Regulator Unconstitutional


Albania: New Electricity Law Adopted
Energy Community/ FYR of Macedonia: FYR of Macedonia Is Requested to
Rectify Failure to Open its Electricity Market
Greece: Adjustments to Charges Paid by Electricity Consumers for 2015
Ukraine: Regulation of Power Industry Activities on the Territory not Controlled by
the State Authorities


Ukraine: New Natural Gas Market Law Enters into Force
Greece: Regulator Amends Gas Supply License of Incumbent Gas Supplier to
Perform CNG and LNG Supply


EU: European Funding for Energy Infrastructure Projects
Energy Community: Secretariat Submits Three Reasoned Requests to the
Ministerial Council
EU/ Poland: Commission Requests Poland to Fully Apply the Provisions of the
RES Directive
Montenegro: Public Consultation on the Concession Act for Construction of Small


EU: European Commission Launches Sector Inquiry into Member States’ Capacity
IMF: An Unexpected Supporter of Clean Energy Technologies
Romania: European Commission Approves Temporary Rescue Aid for State-
Owned Electricity and Heat Producer


EU: Regulation Establishing a Network Code on Interoperability and Data
Exchange Rules
Greece/ Bulgaria: Agreement Signed to Expedite Construction of Gas Pipeline
Connecting Greece and Bulgaria
Montenegro: Public Consultation for Amendments to Legal Acts Regulating the
Electricity Network and Market Operation


Bulgaria: New Energy Efficiency Act Enters into Force
Ukraine: Reform of the Rules on Investments in Energy Efficiency of Large Scale
State and Municipal Buildings
EU/ Poland: Commission Requires Poland to Fully Transpose the Energy
Efficiency in Buildings Directive into the National Law
Romania: European Commission Requests Romania to Fully Transpose the EU
Energy Efficiency Directive into National Legislation


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