Latest developments of offshore wind farms in Greece

Latest developments of offshore wind farms in Greece

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(Article by Panagiota Maragkozoglou, Associate, published in the Energy & Natural Resources Newsletter of the ILO on December 11, 2023)


In July 2022, the Greek regime in force regarding the offshore wind farms (OWFs) was established by the enactment of Law No. 4964/2022 which
promoted a specific legislative framework for the OWFs development. This Law is considered a landmark for the installation, development and
operation of OWFs which is expected to significantly contribute to development of renewable energy sources (RES) in compliance with the
objectives set by the new Greek National Energy and Climate Plan.(1)

Legal framework

Pursuant to this framework, the state-owned Hellenic Hydrocarbon and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA) is authorised to
perform the research, exploration and determination of the OWF Organised Development Areas (ODAs) and of the OWF Installation Areas (IAs), as well
as for the assignment of the research and exploitation rights of OWF projects within the ODAs. HEREMA is also responsible for the drafting of
the national OWF Development Programme (the Development Programme) that sets out the main guidelines for the planning, development, siting,
installation and exploitation of OWFs and includes the potential ODAs. The Development Programme is subject to a strategic environmental
assessment (SEA) procedure conducted by HEREMA.

The technical studies undertaken by HEREMA should determine the terms for project development within the ODAs and propose the IAs within them.
Each technical study will be subject to a SEA procedure. Following the respective public consultations, the ODAs are approved by presidential
decrees. Two months after the issuance of each presidential decree, HEREMA should organise the submission of applications for research
licences to be granted to interested parties. Within two years from the expiration of the first submission cycle with respect to the above
applications, HEREMA should launch public consultations regarding the IAs of each ODA.



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