New Directive to tackle Greenwashing

by Dr Dimitrios Chatzimichael, Partner (Rokas Thessaloniki)

A new directive proposal aimed at addressing the issue of Greenwashing is set to bring about several significant changes for businesses. Our Partner – Head of Rokas (Thessaloniki branch) Dr Dimitrios Chatzimichael has contributed to the LAWYER magazine (pages 45 & 48) published end of October, by Boussias. He shared insightful comments regarding the regulatory requirements stemming from the implementation of environmental guidelines to combat greenwashing.

Ιn a nutshell, this directive is expected to:

  • Promote fair competition by applying the same minimum criteria for labeled products and businesses regarding explicit environmental claims;
  • Facilitate cross-border trade by avoiding the use of non-national approaches for unreliable trademarks;
  • Strengthen legal certainty by applying similar rules within the internal market.

Download: LAWYER magazine October 2023.pdf

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