“Solvency II-Supervision of (Re)insurance Companies”: Critical remarks & comments per article of L.4364/05.02.2016 on the harmonisation of Greek Law with Directive 2009/138/EC by em.Prof. I. Rokas published (in Greek) by Sakkoulas Publ., Athens 2016

The new, short commentary by Rokas’ senior partner, Ioannis Rokas, on the Greek law that has implemented the Solvency II Directive, mainly comprises of critical comments and notes which intend to assist the readers in their efforts to understand Solvency II. It presents the significant changes brought by Solvency II on the insurance supervision. The extensive introduction includes an analysis of the Solvency II system and its history along with the reasons for its adoption and its main features. It helps the reader to better understand the reason why the modern European law on insurance supervision treats the insurance undertakings as part of the financial sector. In the appendix, the author has included an analytical alphabetical index and a matching table presenting the Solvency II articles, the respective provisions of the implemented law, as well as the old harmonized Greek law on insurance supervision.

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