The Insurance Disputes Law Review – 4th Edition

Dr. Antonios Tsavdaridis, partner and head of arbitration at Rokas (Athens), and Kosmas Karanikolas, associate at Rokas Law Firm, are the exclusive authors of the newly introduced chapter on insurance disputes’ resolution in Greece, embodied in the 4th edition of “The Insurance Disputes Law Review” (ed. by J. Page and R. Butland, Allen & Overy LLP). The chapter in question provides a succinct, yet practical, overview of the most recent developments in insurance disputes’ resolution in Greece. Commencing from a comprehensive illustration of the fundamental aspects of the standing legal framework intended to insurance disputes’ settlement, considered from both a substantive and a procedural viewpoint, the chapter extends to the pinpointing of the most significant, recently delivered insurance-related courts’ rulings and concludes with a brief examination of the latest trends and anticipated developments in this field.

Download: Greece

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