June “Rising Star”

June “Rising Star”

It’s about a new initiative of interviews called “Rising Star” that gives the floor to dedicated team members bringing light to their work.

What makes a well-rounded associate?
One of the most important aspects for well – rounded associates is to take special
interest in what they do. The interest in the field should also be interconnected with
the will to always improve and the strength to rise above the occasions. Well –
rounded associates should persevere and view each obstacle as a challenge, which
they are motivated to overcome with persistence, patience and perseverance. It goes
without saying that social skills are also crucial in our occupation. Being able to
collaborate with others, operate under a “team spirit” mode and maintain a good level
of communication with both your co-workers and your clients is part of the deal.
Finally, a well – rounded associate should possess good organisational skills and be
able to focus on the important aspects of the cases in order to provide the best
practical solution on complex legal issues, skills which are intertwined with the ability
to take swift decisions and think on your feet.

Benefits of working with a reputable employer
There are numerous benefits to working with a reputable employer. First and
foremost, you get to work on high profile cases, thus gaining unprecedented
experience in short periods of time. Another aspect is the collaboration with well
renowned experts in the field, i.e. experienced lawyers and professors. This also
entails gaining access to an expert’s know-how and learning how to best deal with
each type of situation both on a practical level but also on the matter of
communicating with the clients. All the above also amount to having the chance to
develop new skills and pursue new paths. Besides, the status of a reputable employer
always reflects on those associated with him/her.

Balance between working hard and socialising
There is no exact or accurate recipe for maintaining a balance between hard work and
social life. The latter is extremely important especially in our line of work, but hard
work and advancement work hand in hand. For me, the best approach on the matter
is to try and organise your time and responsibilities as best as possible, thus allowing
adequate time for socialising.

Best way of bonding with clients
When it comes to clients, one should begin by gaining their trust. In order to do that,
you should inspire confidence and make clear that the client is your number one
priority, that you will follow the best possible course for their case. The prerequisite
for that, is of course to listen carefully to their issues, show them that you understand
the problem and will do anything to solve it, will, in other words, take all the time
needed to provide tailor-made solutions to their problems. However, your job is not
completed at this point. In order to have the basis for good communication and future
collaboration, you have to show respect to the client, be punctual with your deadlines,
constantly communicate with them, being available to answer their questions and
finally to honestly guide them through the multitude of legal solutions to the one
that is right and beneficial for them.

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